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2021 Agenda

The Tampa Bay ISSA Chapter 2021 Calendar of Events is below. We will share details on each event as they are finalized along with additional events which may be added to the calendar.

Upcoming Events:

Please Join us for our next virtual event Thursday August 26th at 5PM

Monthly One Shot – Threat Hunting and Modern Security-3 Fundamental Flaws (Risk Acceptance, Alert Overload, Zero Days)

Presented by Jim Rohde, CISSP, Director of Engineering at Critical Start

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Past Events

2021 Annual State of Phishing

About this Event:

Join us on 4/28/2021 from 5p-6p as Tonia Dudley, Strategic Advisor from Cofense presents on the 2021 Annual State of Phishing-A Phishing Defense Landscape.

Tonia joined Cofense in 2018. In this role, she focuses on phishing defense advocacy while demonstrating how Cofense solutions help organizations worldwide minimize the impact of attacks thus reducing operations costs. Tonia evangelizes Cofense’s approach to phishing defense and incident response to new and existing customers, prospects, and the information technology market through speaking engagements, publishing platforms, and numerous media opportunities. Tonia also advises Cofense product teams on specific customer and market-driven needs to help streamline product roadmaps and was instrumental in creating Cofense’s inaugural international customer advisory board.

With more than a decade of cybersecurity experience, Tonia has managed programs in incident response, security awareness, and IT compliance for large global organizations. Her diverse career encompassed 14 years in finance roles for a national automotive retail chain, transitioning into 12 years of IT roles for a global manufacturing organization where she developed an interest in cybersecurity. In 2011, Tonia began building a robust security awareness program that focused on behavior instead of compliance. From there, she spent 3 years developing and leading another security awareness program for a financial services industry company as well as participating in a working group that assisted small firms with implementing their own cybersecurity programs. Tonia has spoken at several cybersecurity and industry conferences on how to build and implement successful security awareness and phishing programs. She has received several awards for her anti-phishing training programs.

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Tampa Bay ISSA Chapter Spring 2021 Virtual Event Wednesday, March 31, 2021 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST)

Topic: Protecting Your Network: Solving Existing Vulnerabilities with Zero Trust


In 1995 we surfed the Web using Netscape, connected to the web with a land-line modem and used HTTPS to protect our data in flight. In 2021, we have our choice of browsers, our cell phones have gigabit speed, but the dirty little secret of cybersecurity is that we are still using the same 30 year old protocol to secure our data as it moves. If this doesn’t sound secure that’s because it isn’t. With the recent Solar Winds hack the vulnerability of our secrets is more apparent than ever.

Collectively, we have a blind spot that is affecting every online communication or transaction from banking to healthcare to any industry sending financial or sensitive information over the internet. New ways of thinking about the problem are required to innovate new solutions.

KnectIQ will discuss why these existing solutions keep failing and a fundamentally new approach to securing data in flight that removes the single largest threat surface to the security of end to end encryption. With this new, Zero Trust based approach data is not only far more secure, but verifiably so and threats can be detected in real time, even with compromised credentials.

Cybercriminals aren’t using 30 year old solutions and neither should you.

Presenter Bio:

Andrew Lunstad, Chief Product Officer – A technology leader with over 25 years of experience. He has started or worked in startups in online banking, video gaming, digital agencies, mobile applications, and cybersecurity. He has also worked at established companies in industrial automation and networking, including Cisco Systems, where he was part of the launch team to create the world’s fastest router.

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